Friday, February 26, 2010


Doesn't really roll off the tongue like "Action!", does it? But oh, how useful animatics are! They are a way for the directors to visualize each scene before gathering the masses for the blitz known as "filming". When you film, efficiency is the key! Not only for money purposes but time, as well. You have a plan for when the movie is to be released and with the after affects..... Well, the time budget is just as stingy as the money budget!

So, our team has been producing animatics of scenes. Hammering out simple details and making some artistic decisions before it gets busy. They are rough but the point is to see actor positioning, lighting, set design, etc. I snagged a snippet of one for you!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hi Ho!

You know, I never really knew how much WORK went into making a movie. Sure, there is a script to write (and check four gillion times), actors to hire and people to make it look pretty but, all this? Totally caught me off guard. The movie stuff has been officially started with a scouting trip to Michigan. There is a little town called Holland and they have some great Dutch stuffs. Like houses, a college with Dutch inspired architecture and tulips. Yep! Fields of tulips! Should be very pretty and I will be sure to YouTube some person flouncing around in the fields, for your entertainment.

One of the locations they scouted, near the tulip fields, was an authentic Dutch windmill. The windmill was the last one allowed to leave The Netherlands, is used to grind flour and is 240 years old. Apparently, a British soldier wrote a letter to the curator of the windmill telling them he found shelter in that very windmill, during World War II. He said his B-12 was shot down and the Dutch Resistance hid him there, from the Nazis. Friends, this is history coming alive!

I will leave you with a little bit of fun from the Director and a shot of the Windmill of Awesomeness. Yeah, we are going to have such an amazing time making this film!

Still not satisfied? Check out our Gallery for the Scouting album. There are lots of pretty architecture pics for your perusing pleasure.