Monday, March 11, 2013

Projecting Hope Film Festival - Charlotte, N.C.

As if winning three awards weren't enough at the San Antonion Christian Film Festival ... we were delighted to have been accepted into a festival of notable proportion ... the Projecting Hope Film Festival in Charlotte, North Carolina!

Mike Sexton greated us with a warm welcome in Charlotte at a beautiful new theater and a completely packed house of fans. And the film???  ... SOLD OUT!

Enjoy pictures of some of our fabulous actors and their families, Assistant Producer Maria Spencer, and Publicist ReAnn Ring of Safire Productions.

                                         Sold Out!
              Actor Gary Moore and Associate Producer - Maria Spencer

Actor Gary Moore,  Associate Producer Maria Spencer, Actor David Jenkins, Publicist - ReAnn Ring

                                          David Jenkins and mom!

                   Gary Moore, Publicist ReAnn Ring,  David Jenkins

             Our Audience, actors and families during question/ answer time

Maria addresses answers to quetions from audience members 

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