Monday, July 19, 2010


Whenever I watch the behind the scenes of a movie, I am always so impressed with actors who learn a new skill to bring a character to life. In our case, one of our actors, Craig Robert Young (playing Piet Hartog) needed to learn to drive a motorcycle. A WWII German motorcycle. Yeah.

Scott, the re-enactor guy who owns the motorcycle, was gracious enough to give Craig lessons in the fine art of driving a really old motorcylce. 

Craig rode shotgun for a bit and got sage advice from the pro. They ignored us taking many pictures. But managed to not run us over (a small kindness).

But look at him go! He is so pro. He was even game to give rides to onlookers, small children and yours truly. Pro AND amiable! We like you, Craig.

P.S. If you desire more info about Craig, check out his IMDb page (you should totally look, he was in Lost, y'all!).

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