Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Sunshiny Day

Our first day of filming was beautiful; sunny and bright, with fantastic people! So, with that in mind, I give you the people AND the sunshine! I was going to title this post, "Peter Winks at Everyone" but I didn't get as many good pictures of him winking. With all that sunshine, he could only spare one eye at a time!

Our very first shots involved these amazing reenactors. Those uniforms are the best reproductions a person could find! In wool! Doesn't take long for a man to start "glistening" when wearing wool in the summer. Not long at all. (You can't tell but, this is a Winking Peter Shot.)

The actors were waiting for their turns in the makeup and hair chairs, so we attacked them with cameras. This is Jacob, he plays Frank. And he does it really, REALLY well! (Hello, Winking Peter!)

The house we used for these scenes isn't historically accurate on the outside. It is the inside that held our attention! The cast and crew gathered around for instructions and a few winks.

We took up THE WHOLE STREET. They blocked it off so that we could have room for all our people and stuff. And one of the craziest parts? It was garbage day, so our People of Awesomeness took trashcans down the street to the waiting garbage trucks. So that the trucks wouldn't interrupt the scenes. Friends, that is dedication!

After so many months of planning, dreaming and just plain work, it was so rewarding to see all of this! A few hours on set led me to believe, 1) I want to do this FOREVER and 2) We need to get Peter some sunglasses!

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